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Working for an employment agency has many advantages. If you are looking to get on the career ladder or even upgrading your skills most recruitment agencies can help.
Most employers now take staff from an employment / recruitment agencies as temporary staff, however a great many of them are offered full time employment.
The process from temporary to permanent is made so easy even the government has recognised this and now scrapped the 16 hours rule, so now you don’t lose your benefits if you work more than 16 hours. being turned down for a mortgage or personal loan just because you work for an agency could soon be a thing of the past.
Temporary job placements in the U.K. are on the rise, and experts interpret this trend means that employers are starting to think about hiring. Using temporary staff means that employers are able to try out potential candidates for permanent jobs. What this means for you is that working as a temp could very well blossom into a permanent, full-time job.

Gain Exposure
Working for a temporary agency gives you the opportunity to see what different companies are like and what you prefer as an employee. Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Do you prefer sitting at a desk? Do you like working with the public? Or perhaps you are more suited to working outside. Whatever types of environment you prefer temporary agencies almost certainly have the contacts you need.
Don’t get a name for being un-reliable
Temporary agencies always keep in contact with each other and communicate there experiences with staff. If you accept a job but then just don’t turn up without informing the agency you will quickly gain a reputation for being un-reliable. Not only will you start to find difficulty securing work with agencies but you may also find that securing permanent employment with a company starts to get difficult.
Make Contacts
As a temporary worker, you’ll be represented by an agency with more contacts than you could ever gain on your own. Agencies have the inside track on who’s taking on and what type of employees they’re really looking for. When you work with an agency, you are well ahead of the applicant off the street.

Even more advantages:
Working with a temporary agency isn’t like it was years ago. Working with modern temporary agency you will enjoy the benefits of:
• Semi – Full time work
• Flexibility
• Sickness benefit (After qualifying time)
• Holiday pay from day one.

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